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Drain valve is a mechanical device which is mostly used to release unwanted liquids from a storage container. As an industry leader, we offer high quality drain valve which are highly durable and long lasting. Our engine oil drain valve is very convenient to use and ensures there are no risks of oil split or leaks during oil change process. All our products are manufactured through strict environment friendly process thus every product is an eco-friendly unit. Our industrial quality drain valves are built to be used even in heavy machinery including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, special purpose vehicles, bus, truck, agricultural & military equipments.

Drain Valve
  • Features and advantages of our drain valve

    - No abrasion of screws of oil tanks owing to frequent oil changes.
    - No risks of spilt oil during oil changes. (environment friendly)
    - No need of any special tools.
    - Good Sales points : Its convenience and better environmental features.




We follow high quality industry standard process to offer the best drain valves at affordable pricing. Contact our customer service team if you have any purchase related queries or if you require further details regarding industrial drain valves.