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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Grease Valve in Korea servicing clients for more than a decade. As one of the most recommended and trusted company in the world, we offer top of the line products which are highly durable and efficient. Our mission is to set high standards in the industry through continuous R&D and process improvement. Our grease valve can be used for piping systems that transfer grease without any mess. Our products are built for heavy-duty industrial applications and can easily suit all your requirements. The advantage of grease valve is that it’s a flow limiting valve and made-up to maintain a specific flow rate, remaining steady all the way through changing pressure influences. Our grease valve can withstand a pressure of MAX 850 kgf/cm2 thus offering high efficiency.
Grease Valve
  • Applications of Grease Valve

    - Control the track tensions of any crawler type excavators.
    - Can be used in a variable industrial processes

  • Grease Valve Features and advantages:

    - It has advantage that it can block any oil leakage by developing new seal type.
    - • Guaranteed quality and recommended by global companies.
    ※ Pressure for use : MAX 850㎏f/㎠


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