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Our high quality stop valve can stem the flow of liquid through a pipe or any mechanism without any leakage even after prolonged continuous usage. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of stop valves in Korea, our products are highly recommended and trusted throughout the world. Our environment friendly ball stop valves have found application in various industries and have been proven to provide long lasting solutions for our customers. All our products are manufactured using high quality materials which not only offer durability but also highly convenient operation as well. The stop valve can be used in the pressure of: 350 ~ 420 ㎏f/㎠ for high efficiency and effectiveness.
Stop Valve
  • Stop Valve Applications

    - It is optional attachments for excavators. (Breakers and crushers....)
    - Save money and time
    - Can be used in multi channels at once

  • Features and advantages of Stop Valve

    - Dual seal type to block anything harmful
    - Superior durability and better efficiency
    - Adopted by global companies. Easily expanded and compatible for various industry applications
    ※ Pressure for use : 350 ~ 420 ㎏f/㎠



| Applications

Optional attachments of excavators.(breakers and crushers....)

| Features and advantages

- No leakage by ball type
- Dual seal type to block anything harmful.
- Superior durability and brtter efficiency.
- Adopted by global companies.
- Expantion to all the models.





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